Contact us

  • 4101 75th St. Elmhurst, NY 11373
  • Mondays – Wednesdays
  • 9am – 3:30pm

Frequently asked questions

I am free on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Can I just drop by?
Yes, you’re most welcome to. Some spend time with the seniors while some help the volunteers, you can do either. Do let us know when you arrive.

Should I bring something?
Thank you. Yes, some bring peanut butters, cookies etc. Please call Thupten at (718) 726-2434 and ask what we need.

Can I celebrate my child’s birthday at the Himalayan Elders Project?
Good question. Many people do celebrate their birthdays with our seniors. Usually they would sponsor lunch and during the lunch time they cut cake and most often this is followed by Khata offering ceremony by the seniors.

A family member passed away. Can the seniors help pray?
This is the most common request and yes, the seniors can help pray. Please call Thupten at (718) 726-2434 and make arrangements.

I want to sing/perform/teach for the seniors, how about that?
Great. All our teachers and volunteers like yourself. Please call Thupten at (718) 726-2434 and make arrangements.

I want to sponsor breakfast or lunch.
Thank you very much. The project runs with generous support from people like you. Please call Thupten at (718) 726-2434 ask for details.

I am writing a story, making a film, doing an audio/video/photo project. Can I interview/photograph/record (a/v) some seniors?
You must obtain explicit permission from our staff and individual seniors.

I want to sell event tickets/advertise/sell something to the seniors. Are you ok with that?
Not ok. For unique situations, get permission from the staff at Himalayan Elders Project.